So What Does an SEO Agency Do?

Even though you are entirely aware that majority of your competing businesses and companies have already invested in digital marketing and search engine optimisation, you still are a little apprehensive about it. Similar to making other types of investment, you do not dive into it without first understanding what is in store for you. Perhaps the reason why you are not putting money in SEO is that you know little of it. Well, it is about time to learn more about it.

SEO Agency AdelaideFor this post, let us focus our discussion on what a typical SEO agency Adelaide does. Apparently, if you decide to invest in digital marketing, the first step is hiring a professional team to do the job. However, before you sign the contract and pay them for their services, you definitely would want to know how they plan on making your money’s worth.

Generally speaking, the entire SEO process involves three primary activities. These are content creation, building high-quality links, and finally, analysing the results out of the specific strategies used in creating content and developing links. In a way, you could say that it is a job you can learn to master. However, there is more to SEO than meets the eye and the little-complicated things underneath each activity is the reason why it makes complete sense to hire an SEO expert instead.

The SEO firm does more than what you initially know. For a campaign to succeed, it is not just about building links and using content to lure in traffic to the site. Certain technicalities come along the way, like preliminary research, audit, and analysis. Ask every prospect you talk to,and they tell you the same thing: that SEO always begins with those three. Since you have unique needs as a client, it means the SEO agency Adelaide must also come up with an individual plan. The only way to figure out what constitutes your campaign is to conduct research. Research primarily involves finding the perfect keywords to use in optimising the site for maximum potential of gaining traffic and making a good first impression to Google and the search engines.

Analysis, on the other hand, is another job that only an experienced SEO firm is qualified to do. It usually involves the use of Google Analytics or similar web analytics tool for identifying trends as well changes in digital marketing. Simply put, there is a need to perform analytics to figure out which aspects of the campaign needs improvement.

Finally, the same SEO company is responsible for performing a comprehensive audit of the site. The review should include looking at the load speed of the site as well as the webpages, internal linking, title tags, meta description tags, URL structure, content, and others. While all those little details usually do not mean anything to you, they need checking since they can influence how search engines rank your site one way or another.

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